"This book is as useful for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease as for their healthcare providers.  After many years working on celiac disease, I was surprised of how much I learned reading the medical section of this book.  Very well researched."
Francisco Leon, MD, Ph.D., Research Physician, Celiac Disease

“I recommend this book to patients with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, as well as to their friends and family.  It empowers patients to take charge of their health.  It is a comprehensive resource with medical information and wonderful recipes.”                                                  
Jean-Claude Becker, MD, Rheumatologist

 “Newly diagnosed celiac patients often panic when they hear they can’t eat wheat again. They have no idea what to eat.  This book teaches people that it can be absolutely wonderful eating gluten-free foods.”                                
Mike, Pharmacist

“There is no other book out there like this one, with delicious recipes that make gluten-free foods that are “real.”  I’ve tried the other books and tried their gritty, falling-apart, tasteless failures.  This food has real taste, real texture, no grit, and no extra calories.  This is the food that you want to eat and enjoy.  You don’t feel like you’re eating substitute food without gluten, because you’re eating the real thing.  These recipes are amazing.”             
Gail, Accountant

“Finally, a book that explains what you need to know about celiac disease and easy ways to make all of your favorite foods.  This book is excellent for non-celiacs too, since it teaches you the secrets of easy, successful cooking.”
Carol, Nurse

 “I’ve been gluten-free for years and missed things like pie crust, cookie cutter sugar cookies, jelly roll cake, pigs in a blanket, and fortune cookies.  The recipes are all here and they are excellent!  My first bite of pie I had a moment of panic because it was so good that I had to double-check that it was really gluten-free.”                            
Sue, Admin. Assistant

“Anita Jansen has developed a way to have every kind of food you would ever want.  Most books focus on only the baked goods and forget that people with celiac disease need to know what to eat for their everyday meals too.  Her work is the Joy of Cooking for the Gluten-Free diet.”                                                                                                
Maureen, Clinical Trial Associate

 “This is the only Gluten-Free Cookbook that you will ever need.”                                                        
Suzanne, Artist

By Kristina on July 5, 2012
This book is absolutely fabulous. Gives all sorts of information on the diseases which are affected by gluten. Certainly a volume of information. The food that I have tried has been remarkable. Makes preparing gluten free food a cinch. Tons of recipes for everything you could want. Thanks JOYFULLY GLUTEN FREE for making my life easier. Have bought 3 copies so far and have given as a gift to my friends who have children with gluten allergies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
By Michael Colonna on February 15, 2016

I had the good fortune of meeting the author soon after I was diagnosed with Celiac's. I can vouch not only for the value of the book but the excellence of the author's baking as well. She would always bake up a storm for people's birthdays and everything would go fast because the gluten-eaters couldn't tell the difference! Absolutely the best GF cookbook and I can vouch for the results!

By jldempsey925 on June 3, 2014
Like many with food allergies, I was nervous about what it meant to me and the adjustment to my life. This book took away the stress and pressure and allowed me to move forward with confidence. The extent of information is as amazing as the ability to follow the text clearly. While presenting great detail, I didn't have to worry I would lost in any heavy technical terms. This is well written and organized and allows me to enjoy the foods I love in a new way. A big 'thank you' to the author for the excellent research and for sharing this with the rest of us!!
By C. H. on November 21, 2012
This book is CHOCK-FULL of great information and recipes. It's worth every penny and is making the change into a gluten free lifestyle less overwhelming.
By Jonathan on June 23, 2015
Purchased for a friend. They loved it!


From the Publisher: Anita Jansen’s Joyfully Gluten-Free Cookbook is an amazing resource for both the newly diagnosed and long-time celiac patient.  It not only educates the patient about what they need to do to enhance and maintain their health, but also teaches them how to create all of the foods they love.  Anita Jansen has done a superb job of creating recipes that are easy to prepare, have better taste, and have lower calories than most other gluten-free recipes available today.  She also has recipes that you won’t find anywhere else, to create foods that you didn’t think were possible to make at home, or were possible to make gluten-free.   Anita provides helpful information that teaches the secrets of good gluten-free cooking.  Her kitchen tested family recipes are perfect for busy cooks, and she provides variations for recipes so they may be adjusted to individual tastes or allergy needs.

Anita also has done an excellent job explaining celiac disease and how untreated celiac disease affects your health.  She has not only provided lists of safe foods, but also lists of necessary medical visits, signs to look for if you are having problems, what to do if the diet isn’t working, how to travel overseas, and much more.  She uses her medical knowledge and personal experiences in order to help others regain their health. 

By following the advice in this book, celiac patients have regained the joy of life and the joy of eating again.  Even if you don’t have to follow the gluten-free diet, you will enjoy these recipes.