Joyfully Gluten-Free is a wonderful resource for those on a gluten-free diet or anyone who likes to eat good food. The second edition has been updated with even more kitchen-tested recipes (over 800!) and sound advice in its 627 pages. In addition, it contains over 130 pages of useful information, including:

• Easy to understand medical information
• Healthy living suggestions
• Recommended doctors visits
• Tips for converting recipes
• Safe and forbidden food lists
• How to shop gluten-free in the grocery store
• Helpful hints about gluten-free flours
• Travel and eating out suggestions
• and much more…

In Joyfully Gluten-Free, Anita Jansen teaches you the secrets of successful gluten-free cooking in an easy to understand format. Her recipes have excellent taste and texture, without adding extra calories and fat, and she has fine-tuned them to make them simple, delicious, and healthy. In many cases her gluten-free recipes are easier to prepare than the traditional versions – in fact, taste testers have often preferred her gluten-free versions over the standard recipes.

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Joyfully Gluten-Free

A Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook and Guide

Second Edition, Created and Printed in the USA
• Written by:   Jansen, Anita
• Publisher:   Practical Publishing, L.L.C.
• Soft cover:   627 pages
• Language:   English
• ISBN: 978-0-9843409-5-8
• Product Dimensions:   9 x 6 x 2.1 inches
• Shipping Weight:   2.5 pounds

Made in the USA